Angels N’ Bandits a cool new kid band

by Zena-Marie on 8 September 2015

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Got a child that loves to dance. Then they could WIN a chance to dance with the amazing new kid friendly band angels N bandits and the creative team behind The Saturdays and The Wanted.

Hi everyone,  its been a while since I last blogged but I’m sure you all know how life has a way of taking over sometimes. Anyway I just wanted to share some exciting news with you. My DD (Mya from Mya’s Diary) and a group of her friends have been busy singing and dancing every weekend for the past 2 years and after being spotted at their Saturday school have formed into a totally cool band called angels N bandits. The band consists of 9 kids all aged between 11-13 who are funky, fresh and totally child friendly. Ironically Mya was never allowed to watch music videos as I always felt they where inappropriate for someone her age so its great that she’s part of a great bunch of hard working determined kids who have finally started to make their dream a reality. Its still early days for the band. They have just realised their first video on YouTube which is doing really well,(they’ve been tweeted by The Wanted and David Hasselhoff!) and there are lots of exciting projects in the pipeline for them but I thought Id let you all know about them first.

You can check out their video below and you can find out more about each of the kids from their Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter and of course your kids can win a chance to dance with the band and their creative team by signing up to their newsletter HERE.

Share the video with any kids that you know and let me know what they think. If they want to get in touch with the band they can contact them via any of their social media. The kids would love to hear from them and if  you like the idea of a cool new child friendly band don’t forget to share the video on Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube channel

They are a great bunch of hardworking down to earth kids and they’d love to have your support.

I’ll keep you all posted on what happens next.

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