Fabulous Baby Boy!

by Zena-Marie on 8 October 2013

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Hello everyone, It has been so long since I last posted an update that I hardly know where to begin….

First of all I would like to say how much I’ve missed my blog, my blogging friends and all my fabulous readers. As you may know last year I had an ectopic pregnancy and needed surgery which left me emotionally and physically bruised. I felt a little lost after the experience and so to take my mind off things I threw myself into my new business venture. While I was busy doing this I discovered that I was pregnant again!

I really wanted to get excited and share the news but after my previous experiences (3 miscarriages, 1 still birth & an ectopic pregnancy) I couldn’t help thinking that something may go wrong so I pretended nothing was happening and decided not to get excited until they handed me a baby….

Then on the 27th of May our Fabulous Baby Boy was born and I love him, I love him, I love him. He is so sweet and happy and is everything I thought I’d lost. I am so excited to have him and despite everything that has happened I feel blessed.

This time last year I was fighting for my fertility and now I have this beautiful baby boy.

I have had so many message from wonderful women who have had ectopic pregnancies and I would like to say that it is not the end, it is possible to go on and have more beautiful, healthy children. The road to parenthood is not easy for all of us. I had one of my ovaries removed aged 25 and have been pregnant 8 times. I’ve given birth to 4 babies and have given one of my sons to God. I have 3 beautiful children who I think are amazing and despite the heartache I would go through it all again to have them in my life.

I am a strong believer that you can’t do it all and that trying too just leads to stress and unhappiness so I chose for a while what was most important and what I could realistically do for the happiness and well being of my family and unfortunately blogging took a back seat for a while. However now that the business is more established and the baby is in a good routine I feel the time is right for me to give some time to the blog that I love.

Thank you all for sticking with me and I’m looking forward to sharing my new adventures in parenthood with you all.

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