The Beautiful Blogger Award

by Zena-Marie on 5 September 2012

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With everything that has happened recently it was a lovely surprise when I logged onto Twitter to find the fabulous Gemma @Missuswolf had nominated me for The Beautiful Blogger Award. What a wonderful honour. I have been blogging for exactly 6 months now and have been over whelmed by the loveliness of people who blog and people who read and comment on blogs. You are all amazing. Gemma who  writes her blog MissusWolfs Storyland is herself an amazing blogger as well as being a talented published author. She published her first Children’s Book –The Ruby of Egypt in 2011.

A condition of accepting the award is that I must also tell you ten things about me.

So here goes:

1. I run drama workshops for children who want to act on TV     (

2. I once hung out with Tom Hanks and Halley Berry on a film set

3. My daughter has her own TV show that airs on Disney Channel

4. I have travelled the world

5. I once lived in Sri Lanka and spent 2 months in silent meditation with Buddhist Monks

6. I love clean simple functional design

7. I own a house in Brighton

8. I like to eat dim sum from a little cafe outside Liverpool Street Station

9. I love Bubble Tea

10. My current obsession is Pinterest. (Check out my boards, I love them)

I also have the honour of passing this award on to 6 other bloggers whom I consider to be fabulous. There are so many beautiful bloggers out there that it was hard to choose just 6 but I’ve narrowed it down (sort of…)

Here Goes:

1.Domestic Goddesque – An all round wonder women of the blogging world. She writes a fantastic blog on parenting, crafts and all things fun for kids

2.40 Something Undomesticated Devil – Brilliant and funny. A wonderful blog written by a really lovely lady and truly beautiful blogger.

3.Mum of All Trades – Another amazing woman and blogger. 5 kids, a job, a blog, good at housework and still has time for amazing crafts. I am in awe

4. Letters from LadyCurd – I just love this blog. I love that each post is written in the style of a letter. It gives the impression you are reading someones private thoughts. I love the writing style it is touching and humouros. The whole thing really works for me. One of my fav blogs.

5. Sonya Cisco – A great parenting blog by the former rock ‘n’ roll mum

6. Never Bored of Bubbles – A lovely blogger with a wonderful parenting blog

I would also just like to mention another couple of beautiful bloggers and they are Crafts on Sea. I know she doesnt really do these sorts of things so I wanted to pass this Award on with no obligation. We started blogging at the same time and she has made the experience a really good one so Thank you. :)

And AMummysView I know she has already recieved this award but I just wanted to let her know if she hadn’t I would have passed it on to her. She really is a  beautiful blogger with a big heart.

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