Tattooed Easter Eggs

by Zena-Marie on 3 April 2012

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On Thursday evening my daughter declared that there was an Easter egg competition at school the following day. We needed something that was going to be quick and easy to do.  With the remnants of last year’s Easter crafting still in loft and nothing remotely chick or bunny like in sight I ran over to the corner shop to pick up a few supplies. Just as I was leaving I spotted a packet of really cool temporary tattoos in the window and inspiration struck.

Unfortunately when we got home we couldn’t get the tattoo’s to stick to anything. They wouldn’t stick to the eggs or on my daughter. She didn’t seem to mind though, (I’m not sure she was that keen on the idea in the first place) she was quite happy to paint her eggs in a combination of clashing colours and then stick feathers and glittery bits on them. She went off to school the next morning more than happy with her efforts.

Despite the earlier failure I still loved the idea of tattooing eggs  but with family down for the weekend I didn’t really  give it much thought until this morning, which turned out to be a bit of a mistake as it is surprising hard to find temporary tattoos at short notice. Given more time I would have ordered some printable tattoo paper so I could have had the designs I really wanted.(I was thinking old school sailor tattoos)  but I didn’t so I had to make do with a selection of tattoos that I found in Claire’s Accessories. These where the only tattoos I could find anywhere and while they aren’t very Easter inspired I think they turned okay.

Tattooed Easter Eggs

I was going to do a picture tutorial on how to make them but they are so simple it seemed silly. I’m sure at some point we have all applied temporary tattoo’s either to ourselves (as kids) or to our children. The process is exactly the same.

1. Cut the tattoo to size.

2. Peel off the clear plastic film from the front of the tattoo.

3. Place the tattoo face down on the egg.

4. Cover the tattoo with a damp cloth for 30 seconds.

5. Peel off the backing paper to reveal your tattoo.

Failing this instructions for use are usually printed on the back of the tattoos.

It is a bit more fiddly on an egg because of the shape but the same basic principles apply. You can even add some gems or whatever else takes your fancy. My favourite was this jewelled swallow and crown.

Jewelled swallow and crown egg
Check out the online shop for a great selection of tattoos and gems. 25% of profit from your purchase will be donated to PiggyBankKids

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