Evening routines

by Zena-Marie on 20 February 2012

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As with morning routines a well-planned evening routine can not only be enjoyable but is also a great way to ensure you are heading in the right direction. An evening routine can take anything from 15mins to two hours depending on what you want to fit in to your evening. Remember to keep it simple.

Start once again by making a list of everything you would like to include in your evening routine. Choose as many as you can comfortably fit in your allotted time and remember your evening routine is about relaxing it should be enjoyable. Below are some activities that you may wish to include in your evening routine but please adjust as necessary…

  • Bath children
  • Read to children
  • Tidy kitchen & living area (no one wants to wake up to a mess)
  • Prepare clothes / lunches for next day
  • Read
  • Write journal / blog
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Review your day
  • Beauty treatments
  • Talk with partner
  • Relax

While it may seem easy to establish a good routine it is just as easy to fall out of it. The key to success is to make the establishment of the routine your top priority for at least a month. Make sure you commit to the routine and try not to miss a day. Include an enjoyable activity into your routine, that way you will look forward to doing it every day. After 30 days you should be on the way to creating a habit and once that happens it will be easier for you to complete your routine than it will be to miss it.

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